Leadership Center

Insurance Innovation is much more than insurtech!

Dedicated to the study and practice of leadership at the intersection of insurance and innovation. The people who drive innovation across the insurance industry are not defined by titles. They are the ones who see problems as opportunities, rally others to invent new possibilities and then drive them from ideas to impact.


changing perceptions

Many see the insurance sector as resistant to innovation and slow to change. The IU Leadership Center works to change the perception and to create enthusiasm by introducing the innovation community to our industry’s progressive thinkers. Through its Leader Speaker Series, we provide a platform for risk management and insurance leaders to speak directly to peers and the broader innovation community.


leadership development

Today’s and tomorrow’s industry leaders require new skills to successfully take the innovation path. Success requires recognition of how work is changing and an appreciation for the power of innovation. Evolving corporate culture to not just embrace but to seek change requires enlightened leadership.


Professional Pivot

With retirement age rising, many people over 50 have 15, 20, or even 30 years of working life left in them, and many choose to spend the remainder of their working years in a new career. People age 50 and over are in a unique position to have plenty of workforce experience to bring to a new career, while still being able to obtain the knowledge they need to take on something new. The collaborative matches experienced industry practitioners with emerging tech talent to enhance product development speed and efficacy.