Leadership Coaching


Even the best of the best have room to elevate their game - a C-level executive seeking an objective sounding board, a high potential leader being groomed for the next level, or a start up founder being thrust into the spotlight. We work with clients to increase their effectiveness in leading themselves, leading others, or leading the enterprise.  Along with our partners Paravis Partners and Horton International, we have helped thousands raise their self-awareness and realize their vision for successful leadership. 

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What does it take to be a leader of innovation? The IU Leadership Development Program will offer a full spectrum of tools including  leadership assessments, courses, workshops and coaching programs to help industry executives develop the skills necessary to become champions of innovation and to inspire an organizational culture that values, encourages and shepherds new ideas to scaled solutions.

Develop the attitude and critical thinking skills needed to become a disruptive leader of innovative teams and organizations. Build an awareness of thinking habits that keep teams and organizations locked into the status quo. Practice using tools, frameworks and exercises that help break teams out of tired habits in order to discover innovative ideas and opportunities


More and more organizations are reaping the benefits from offering HiPo (high-potential) programs that provide intense, targeted training for their rising-star employees. Companies with a robust, comprehensive HiPo program have a serious competitive advantage to help attract and retain top talent. Training professionals must stretch beyond traditional developmental and educational programs to consider the broader impact of the entire experience. It’s no longer simply about increasing the skills and capacity of coveted talent but also measurably growing future leaders by exposing HiPo’s to alternative perspectives and processes and providing them with more diverse learning experiences.


The insurance industry’s progress is increasingly being driven by founders of small disruptive start ups who are bringing their ideas and technology to the forefront of the industry. Product development skills that garner founders initial attention and success often fall short when the focus turns to developing and scaling a business. This is especially true of technical founders with modest experience who are trying to make their way in an industry that is more complex than it appears from the outside.