Insurtech Women

We know that talented women are building businesses, raising capital and innovating our industry. Insurtech Women, a group embedded in Innovation Underwriters, has a clear focus on its mission to foster gender diversity and parity in the insurance innovation community.



“Bluestockings” are intellectual women that take their name from the Blue Stockings Society, a revolutionary18th century group for women interested in educational pursuits. Our Bluestockings are experienced industry innovators willing to serve as informal coaches and are committed to trail blazing paths for gender diversity and parity.



Insurtech Women supports add-on programming to collaborative events and will build events exclusive to its women members and partners as the collaborative grows. Reach out to join the Insurtech Women mailing list.



It's not just a female issue; it's a human issue. There’s no question that gender equality improves the well being of individuals, communities, businesses, and industries worldwide. Insurtech Women looks for ways to promote gender equality in the innovation community through educational outreach.