Managing Talent Across The Ecosystem

Progressive HR leaders acknowledge that retaining the best and brightest does not necessarily mean employing them. By actively engaging in external ecosystems, companies can support talent when they choose to pivot. Join us to be on the leading edge of managing talent beyond your four walls. A broader perspective attracts talent and fuels innovation.


Pre-Pivot Discovery

Is the grass greener? Maybe. Maybe not. Learn before you leap. Transitioning from an insurance professional to a startup founder gives pause for good reason. Success is statistically unlikely, but professionals contemplating a major pivot have help. Leverage our network, programming and resources so you can pivot with eyes wide open and build helpful new relationships.


Ready for launch

You’ve done your discovery, and now it is time to execute. With time and money you can do anything. Unfortunately, both are limited. Plugging into the IU ecosystem and colocating at the collaborative amplifies what you can accomplish with the resources you have through continual interactions with people, programming and resources.