Our hope is to create opportunities for our members to provide tomorrow’s answers to today’s problems, to renew our economies, and to create gainful and rewarding employment opportunities. Our programming comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but with clear intent - to push progress by supporting insurance and risk management innovation.


The Journey Continues…

IU programming is delivered through a persistent drumbeat of weekly, monthly and quarterly events that cover all industry sub-sectors including life, health, benefits and P&C insurance and include a variety of formats including:

  • Brown bag lunches

  • Demo days & showcases

  • Educational seminars and unconferences

  • Social networking

  • Idea sprints, hackathons, reverse pitches

  • Curated private events

  • Curated office hours

  • Member only breakfasts


Focus on Insurtech

Insurance products and services provide confidence, comfort and piece-of-mind. Our focus is on technology driven innovation that expands access, reduces costs and makes the world a safer place by reducing risk. Our core programming is fosters development and adoption of technology to:

  • Improve client engagement

  • Optimize underwriting, policy administration and claims processes

  • Support new product development

  • Mitigate the underlying risks that create the need for insurance to begin with

And more…

We also believe non-tech issues like leadership, diversity and talent repurposing will shape how the industry evolves, so don’t be surprised to see a healthy does of programming related to these issues too.

Venture Cafe

This is a weekly event that attracts new and existing members of the innovation community. The weekly Thursday Gathering combines opportunities to connect with others in an innovation community and a variety of high-impact educational sessions and programming. In Cambridge, Venture Café attracts 450+ people per week, and approximately 30% of the attendees are new each week. This mix allows the events to remain both fresh and exciting and allows for deep relationships and a strong community to be formed over time. Over the course of one year, there can be 25,000 attendees and nearly 500 educational sessions as part of the Thursday Gathering.